• 全日本比较贵的「农家乐」
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The Japanese "farmhouse music" is the nickname in China. The official term is "stove end", so I believe a lot of relatives will say "eat"! Yes, it is very popular and eating. As the name suggests, barbecue is on the side of the stove. Originally as the northeast cold area of home cooking, one family is called a "Wei furnace" in the stove around,



Edge heating edges to vegetables, tofu, rice cake made of string directly inserted in the charcoal barbecue.


After the two World War, Japan became a great ruin, and the northeast area was no exception. The first oven in Japan is on the ruins of Sendai, which is still on the 2-10-28YS building in Sendai, Miyagi, Sendai, Miyagi County, but the style is biased toward the common house, U - shaped bar, and the U opening is just the boss's seat, she has a big stove and no barbecue, It's only used for hot wine.


However, the tradition of cooking has been extended to the end of the stove. From a baked vegetable to a roast fish, roast meat and roast meat to a hot pot, a person dies 4 or 5 thousand yen.


To seek root, Hokkaido kchuan road is recommended. It is a branch of Sendai, which stubbornly preserves the tradition of the stove end: Hokkaido kchuan Road City rhonchi 3-1).


In the end of the furnace Shao advantage: now choose grilled to eat, is not to do it yourself BBQ. In front of the stove, all kinds of food were stacked up. The guests would like to eat with their hands, and the clerk would give the charcoal barbecue with the most appropriate seasoning. The more simple the method of cooking (of course the carbon roast also needs technology), the higher the requirement for the material, it belongs to the furnace end of the civilian level, the cost performance is very high, the store has no popularity, mainly depends on the material and atmosphere, and the owner of the boss. The domestic boss called it farmhouse music, and the wife felt very aptly.


Well, go to this house, located in Tokyo's most cosmopolitan district - roppongi. "Tian, Jia (country people)", as well as its name, appearance is very simple. It has both East and West, it is from his wife to the subway station near the west of roppongi.


In the store, it is also the general layout of the stove end, the most can sit 20 people U type bar, a big stove in the middle, the stove is stacked on the guest side this evening material, the opposite is the material people's position, a left and right kneeling to sit two ugly brothers, remind people of the ghost gods sitting in front of the Japanese Temple. Enter a shop, the two brothers began to yell loudly: Delta, super estate ~ *! All employees with more shouted again: Delta, x ~ estate! After that, every order of dishes, drinks, toilets, and so on, as long as the guests move a little, they repeat so much, and the content is not clear. First impression: after negotiation, we don't want to have too many communal banquets. We can make use of it and quarrel with each other, so we can't speak normally, not to mention secret talk.


The menu posted on the wall is not worth the price. Is it even more scary than this? On the same day, the most recommended ingredients were often written on the top. This evening is called Ji Ji, the five largest fish in the world. One estimate is no less than 10 thousand yen. Looking at the stock, the most seasonal vegetables, seafood, and the super - first-class and cattle are said to be airlifted from all over the country every day, and most of the material comes from Hokkaido on the day. A small calculation was made in private: if you want to have a quick meal, you must have 2-3 yen per person. The furnace can burn to end roasted, so the price, service!


All drinks and dishes, my brother is to use such a long handle spoon to guests. This way of popularity in the 70s of last century is now rare.


Enjoy the dishes: starting from the spines, big live shrimp, small living crabs (to be so small, must be chewed down, calcium supplements), big onions, old tofu, and cow string.


Come to come tonight, the most recommended: ginger fish, and is also the five famous fish in major (grouper?). After bathing, it is greatly reduced. The two items are estimated to be 15000 yen. Here, half a month's pocket money is two, and three of them are gone. Of course, taste, not to say that, not a little tender delicious smell.


In fact, the most touching thing is the fresh letinous edodes, the rare big size, which is generally similar to the cigarette box.